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Summer is here!

After a week off for a family wedding–a lovely, intimate affair that featured a few Currys performances, a beautiful beach-side ceremony, and a pair of 8 year-old nieces leading the entire wedding gathering in the Whip/Nae Nae–we are now back in action! It’s officially summertime now, and that means we Currys will be spending the bulk of our days in the Florida panhandle, with occasional excursions up and down the East Coast. Here’s a list of dates over the next couple weeks; check the “Shows” page for more info.

Tues, June 14 | Indian Pass Raw Bar | Indian Pass, FL

Thurs, June 16 | The Thirsty Goat | Port St. Joe, FL

Sat, June 18 | Musicland at the Micosukee Co-op | Tallahassee, FL

Tues, June 21 | Indian Pass Raw Bar | Indian Pass, FL

Wed, June 22 | Alys Beach Amphitheater | Alys Beach, FL

Fri, June 24 | Haughty Heron | Port St. Joe, FL

Sat, June 25 | Tamara’s Tapas Bar | Apalachicola, FL

Wed, June 29 | Rapture | Charlottesville, VA

And if you’re suffering through a bad case of “the Mondays” and you’re desperately seeking procrastination opportunities, check out this live video of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” that we performed at In Your Ear Studios in Richmond, Virginia, back in January of this year.


  1. You guys are incredible. I have been fan of great music for going on 60 years now, and, I can truly say your are one the best bands going today. I saw you in Jacksonvile, Florida 3 years ago and I have follow you since. I know live near Boulder, Colorado. I know you guys would do great out here, I hope you come here sometime soon.

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