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Official Video: “Hold Me Here”

A couple months ago, we shot a pair of music videos in Charlottesville for songs on our new album West of Here. Here, finally, for your viewing pleasure, is the first of those: “Hold Me Here.” Shot by our good friend Tom Campbell and edited with the assistance of the peerless Yu Gu, the video features Jimmy’s dramatic acting debut… and hey, he’s not bad! We had a great time shooting these videos, and Tom captured some really beautiful scenes of our Cville neighborhood. And anyone who wants to see what Jimmy looks like as a sad boy, here’s your chance.

Stay tuned for more video content in the coming weeks and months, including some songs shot live at In Your Ear Studios in Richmond, Virginia (including this cover of Miguel’s “Sure Thing”). We’re still working on editing the second Cville video (for “May the Road Get Wider,” featuring synchronized choreo by two Toyota Priuses), but we’ll hopefully roll it out sometime over the summer. For now, enjoy “Hold Me Here”!

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