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Los Tres Amigos!

On May 5, 1862, a rag-tag, outnumbered, underdog army of Mexicans won an impressive victory over a host of imperial French forces at the Battle of Puebla.

What did that mean at the time? Not much. The French went on to oust the Mexican government, installed a puppet emperor (yes, an emperor, like in Star Wars) in Mexico City, and occupied the country for several years. It wasn’t until after the American Civil War that Mexico pushed the invaders out, presumably in part because the French feared “the prospect of a serious scrap with the United States.” Because you know we’ve got our neighbors’ backs.

What does it mean now? EVERYTHING. The Currys are back in their old stomping grounds of Apalachicola, Florida, for an evening of celebrating neighbors, underdogs, and Mexican heritage. And margaritas. And tasteful folk-rock. And amazing versions of Three Amigos posters with the Currys’ faces photoshopped in (see above).

May 5th | Tamara’s Tapas Bar | 7:00pm | trio  

(Can you guess which of the Currys is Steve, Chevy, and Martin?)

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