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Kickstarting 2016!

2016 has begun, and with it comes… Kickstarter rewards! Many of you out there were integral in helping us raise the capital to record our second album West of Here, and before we get ahead of ourselves we should say, once again: THANK YOU! Now, at last, we can prove our gratitude by beginning to fulfill your Kickstarter rewards. This week we started recording the many cover videos that were requested (everything from Nat King Cole to Counting Crows). We’ll also be spending time painting/drawing/collaging, recording audiobooks of Forrest Gump and the like, and writing original poetry. And of course, there is a CD with each of your names on it. We’re excited to have an excuse to be differently creative, or creatively different, or whatever. Thanks again, and stay tuned for your rewards! They will hopefully be arriving at your doors sometime between mid-February and mid-March.

The picture is of our living room in Charlottesville, Virignia, where we’ll be recording all the Kickstarter cover videos.

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