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“If I Find It” Lip Sync Video

Way, way back in April we threw out an idea for crowd-sourcing a music video: We asked anybody so inclined to film themselves singing and dancing along to “If I Find It,” the first single from our album West of Here.

Since then, we have mostly been on the road, traveling and playing throughout the summer, occupied with the touring side of being working musicians. All the while we were receiving a steady stream of clips from friends and fans lip-syncing to the song in a variety of creative and kooky ways. Then, during the Curry family reunion in Florida in late July, we coerced several family members into contributing their own takes on the song. Tommy has been slowly stitching the clips together, and finally, after months of waiting, we have something to show you…

This is what you did.

We managed to incorporate almost every clip you submitted to us; some were omitted due to technical difficulties managing video files, or because we simply ran out of room. Regardless, we owe a big THANK YOU to anyone who took the time to record themselves and share it with us. Combing through and editing the video took a long time, but it was so much fun, and we hope you enjoy watching the final product half as much as we enjoyed cutting it together. Thank you all!

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