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“If I Find It” Lip Sync Video

Way, way back in April we threw out an idea for crowd-sourcing a music video: We asked anybody so inclined to film themselves singing and dancing along to “If I Find It,” the first single from our album West of Here. Since then, we have mostly been on the road, traveling and playing throughout the summer, occupied with the touring side of being working musicians. All the while we were receiving a steady stream of clips from friends and fans lip-syncing to…Read More

Summer is here!

After a week off for a family wedding–a lovely, intimate affair that featured a few Currys performances, a beautiful beach-side ceremony, and a pair of 8 year-old nieces leading the entire wedding gathering in the Whip/Nae Nae–we are now back in action! It’s officially summertime now, and that means we Currys will be spending the bulk of our days in the Florida panhandle, with occasional excursions up and down the East Coast. Here’s a list of dates over the next couple weeks;…Read More

Official Video: “Hold Me Here”

A couple months ago, we shot a pair of music videos in Charlottesville for songs on our new album West of Here. Here, finally, for your viewing pleasure, is the first of those: “Hold Me Here.” Shot by our good friend Tom Campbell and edited with the assistance of the peerless Yu Gu, the video features Jimmy’s dramatic acting debut… and hey, he’s not bad! We had a great time shooting these videos, and Tom captured some really beautiful scenes of our Cville neighborhood.…Read More

Video premiere: “Tastee-Freez”

We’ve got a new music video to share! “Tastee-Freez” is the first official video to drop from the new album West of Here. We recorded the video while we were rehearsing and recording the album at White Star Sound in Lousia, Virginia, and the footage is set in the studio and during a staged “rehearsal” in our house in Charlottesville. The premiere today is featuring exclusively on The Bluegrass Situation and will be made public on YouTube tomorrow. For now, check it out…Read More

The Making of ‘West of Here’

Back in October while we were recording West of Here, our dear friend and cinematographer extraordinaire Jared Macary joined us at the studio to shoot some interviews with each of the Currys for a short “Making Of” documentary. Among the questions: Why have you chosen music as your career?What are your hopes for this album? Among the answers: Taylor Swift covering all our songs would be IDEAL and What exactly is the smell of a HungryMan TV dinner that features both fried chicken…Read More