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Single premiere: “If I Find It”

Finally, it’s here… your first chance to listen to a song from the new album! Today, the first single from West of Here premieres on the pop culture website PopMatters. “If I Find It” was one of the last songs written for the record, and it was really brought to life in the studio, so much so that we dubbed it the first single and have begun work on a music video for the song (more on that to come). It’s available exclusively at…Read More

Kickstarting 2016!

2016 has begun, and with it comes… Kickstarter rewards! Many of you out there were integral in helping us raise the capital to record our second album West of Here, and before we get ahead of ourselves we should say, once again: THANK YOU! Now, at last, we can prove our gratitude by beginning to fulfill your Kickstarter rewards. This week we started recording the many cover videos that were requested (everything from Nat King Cole to Counting Crows). We’ll also be spending time painting/drawing/collaging,…Read More

Hello, 2016!

Welcome to the new year! We Currys are in the final week of our Florida winter tour, which has seen us all over the northern half of the state, shuttling back and forth between Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and home-sweet-home Port St. Joe. It has been a wonderful holiday season full of family, friends, fans, and even the occasional jingle horse. 😉 Next week we’ll be leaving FL for the cooler climes of central VA, where we will dive back into the work of…Read More

Recording wrap, Iceland trip, and winter tour prep

The last few weeks have been crazy, which is our way of excusing/apologizing for the long delay in a blog post here. Next excuse: This will be a brief post because we’ve got to wake up in mere hours to drive a dozen hours to Virginia for a show on Friday. So, the highlights of the past few weeks: – After a whole crazy month of tracking, we finished recording the new record and sent it off with our sound engineer, Stewart…Read More

Halfway through…

After spending four full days in the studio this past week, we’re now about halfway through tracking the new album. The songs are starting to come together as we near the end of rhythm tracking (drums, bass, acoustic guitars), and much of this next week will feature mandolin and electric guitar tracking, along with a bunch of harmony vocals. We’ve also got tentative plans to bring in a pedal steel player, a pianist/organist (who plays with Ryan Adams), and our good…Read More

Just around the corner

We are now only two weeks away from entering the studio to start tracking our sophomore album. We’ve got fourteen days in the studio, distributed over four weeks. We’ll be working with at least three other musicians, maybe six. We’ll be working with the same studio team that helped us engineer and produce Follow almost exactly two years ago. We’ve got thirteen songs that are on the short-list to make the album, some older favorites, some brand-spanking new tunes. Over the past few…Read More