The Currys Music


Video shoot at Red Clay in Atlanta

Heads up to anybody in the ATL area weighing options for a Friday night out: We’re shooting live video of our concert at Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth, Georgia. The show is this Friday, October 28; doors open at 7pm, and the music kicks off around 8pm. Our Georgia friends Highbeams will be opening, plus we’ll be joined on stage by Sebastian “Dream” Green on the drums and the illustrious Sam Whedon on lead guitar. So if you’ve never seen Highbeams,…Read More

“If I Find It” Lip Sync Video

Way, way back in April we threw out an idea for crowd-sourcing a music video: We asked anybody so inclined to film themselves singing and dancing along to “If I Find It,” the first single from our album West of Here. Since then, we have mostly been on the road, traveling and playing throughout the summer, occupied with the touring side of being working musicians. All the while we were receiving a steady stream of clips from friends and fans lip-syncing to…Read More

We’re on a boat!

We’re going cruisin’! After a week of public voting, and then another week of private voting by cruise ticket holders, we were selected as one of three bands to win the Sixthman Soundcheck competition for a spot on The Rock Boat music cruise next February! Yeehaw! We’re thrilled to be included, and very grateful to everyone who cast a vote for us. We owe a very special thanks to Beth Gosnell, who got us involved in this community initially by inviting us to…Read More