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The Making of ‘West of Here’

Back in October while we were recording West of Here, our dear friend and cinematographer extraordinaire Jared Macary joined us at the studio to shoot some interviews with each of the Currys for a short “Making Of” documentary. Among the questions: Why have you chosen music as your career?What are your hopes for this album? Among the answers: Taylor Swift covering all our songs would be IDEAL and What exactly is the smell of a HungryMan TV dinner that features both fried chicken…Read More

Single premiere: “Firestarter”

The second single from West of Here drops today! Galen’s “Firestarter” can be heard exclusively at Elmore Magazine and starting tomorrow will be available for streaming on Soundcloud. The good folks over at Elmore were kind enough to write up a brief band profile and review. Here’s a teaser: “When [The Currys] began, they stuck close to roots, with a strict focus on heavy harmonies and layered instrumentation of the mandolin and guitar. Now, with a growing fan base behind them, thanks in part to national tours that…Read More

Single premiere: “If I Find It”

Finally, it’s here… your first chance to listen to a song from the new album! Today, the first single from West of Here premieres on the pop culture website PopMatters. “If I Find It” was one of the last songs written for the record, and it was really brought to life in the studio, so much so that we dubbed it the first single and have begun work on a music video for the song (more on that to come). It’s available exclusively at…Read More